What Dermatologists Say About Acne Treatment

What Dermatologists Say About Acne Treatment

It’s normal to want your acne gone as soon as possible. To help facilitate that process, here are some nuggets of advice from dermatology doctors experienced in acne treatment.

1. Patience Matters

It can be really frustrating to start a prescription and see your skin get worse for a bit, or to notice no improvement for a few weeks.  However, the reality is that acne treatment takes time, and you might need to wait as long as 10 weeks for noticeable improvements. Stick with it.

2. Be Consistent

Dr. Ken Landow states that when people don’t notice the results they want and as soon as they would like, some become discouraged. They begin using their medication irregularly or incorrectly. This is one of the worst things you can do. Take every dose, and think about the big picture. Your skin could be better in a couple of months.

3. Experimenting Is Common

You could be patient and be taking your medication exactly as prescribed but not seeing good results. It’s possible you’ll need to experiment with a few treatments before finding the one that works magic on you.

4. Treatment Is Ongoing

You will need to stay on medications even after your acne clears. This is because medication can’t cure acne; it can only control acne. Stop the medication, and your acne is likely to return. One possible exception is the medication Accutane, which does “cure” some acne woes for good.

To help your dermatology associate treat you, let him know of changes in your life and medical history. For example, if you are pregnant, your dermatologist needs to know. Even if you’re not pregnant, these visits ideally will help your skin glow.