How To Choose The Right SEO Company

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is an important step in marketing your company on the internet. When you are searching for a company to fulfill your SEO requirements it is important to understand that it is not a one size fits all approach, the SEO company will need to tailor your campaign to your specific industry. A successful SEO campaign performs a critical role in acquiring new clients and ensuring your business can be easily found in the generic search results. Below are a few questions that might help you decide on picking a company for a successful SEO campaign.

Does the SEO company include an audit and analysis report for content, navigation, design, incoming links and coding errors? A good SEO company will provide you with a report of improvements to your website, any coding errors, and recommend competitive keywords to attract more customers.

How can the SEO company tell what keywords will be successful in your campaign?
A good SEO company will research keywords that are relevant to your business and provide you with the results each keyword receives on a monthly basis.

Does the SEO company analyze your competitors websites to find out how well they are performing?
A competitive analysis is important to your campaign so the SEO company will know how to target your competitors.

Does the SEO company offer link building to your site in order to promote your website through blogs, article directories or video images?
If the SEO company does not offer a good link building strategy that is strictly white hat then move on.

Does the SEO company write the content for the website and blogs?
You need to have a person that specializes in search engine optimization writing, if the company does not employ a good SEO copy writer then keep looking.